December 17, 2021 best RO booster pump in India 2022 with price reviews and guidance

Top 5 Best RO Pump for Water Purifier in India 2022 – Guide – Reviews – Price

Are you looking to buy RO Pump for water purifier?

Still confused which RO booster pump is good for your water purifier according to raw water coming in house?

If the answer is “Yes” than you are lucky one to be here to know everything about the Ro pump like how much GPD required in RO Booster pump, what is the price of motor, what is the life of RO motor

Before we knowing everything you must know about what is RO Pump and why it is required in water purifier

What is RO Booster Pump and how it works?

RO Booster pump is basically just to increase a water pressure to RO unit for providing a pure drinking water from RO membrane
Ro Motor containing a motor with pressure head

Top 5 Best RO Pump brand for water Purifier in India 2021

  1. Echen 75 RO Booster Motor
  2. Saras Waterite Ro Pump
  3. Filmax K100 RO Pump
  4. Grand Forest 100 GPD motor
  5. UWEK Ro Booster Pump Motor 100 GPD

1. Echen 75 RO Booster Motor – View More Detail

  • High efficiency, silence booster pump. Used in all type of RO Water Purifiers
  • Voltage- 24V, Capacity-1.8 LPM
  • Service your Water Purifier by yourself by changing the pump
  • Nominal Flow Rate:0.85 LPM at 70 PSI Flow
  • Current At 70 PSI is 1 Amps
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure-30 PSI


  1. Life is approx. 6 to 10 years
  2. Same flow rate providing
  3. Only 1% defect in overall


  1. Price is high

2. Saras Waterite Ro Pump for all Type of RO Water Purifier View More Detail

  • High Efficiency Suction pump
  • Zero PSI Pressure required
  • Water suction up to 3 meter
  • Current At 70 PSI is 1 Amps


  1. Best Ro pump for all type of Ro Water Purifier
  2. No inlet pressure required
  3. Budget in Price
  4. Life is around 5 years


Not fitted in some models

3. Filmax K100 RO Booster MotorView More Detail

  • Voltage- 24V, Capacity-1.8 LPM
  • Having 100 GPD RO booster pump
  • High efficiency, silence booster pump, Used in all type of RO Water Purifier
  • Most Efficient Performing Booster Pump


  1. Low price RO motor
  2. Pressure is good enough
  3. Life of this motor is around 3 years


  1. Water pressure will be down after some months

4. Grand Forest 100 GPD Motor

  • Having 100 GPD RO booster pump
  • Best Ro motor in 100 GPD
  • Used in all type of RO water purifier
  • Maximum inlet pressure is 30 PSI


  1. Can be used all type of Ro water Purifier
  2. Best in 100GPD RO motor
  3. Pressure is good
  4. Life of Motor is around 4 years


Price is high

5. UWEK Ro Booster Pump Motor 100 GPD

  • High efficiency motor operates on 24V DC, 1.2 AMP power supply
  • Booster pump compatible with 75 / 80 / 100 GPD RO Membrane
  • Self-suction, Shock proof, Low vibration & Noise and Longer Service Life
  • Suitable for all major brands of RO Water Purifiers i.e. KENT, Dolphin, Aquagrand, Aquafresh, Saras etc.


  1. Price is in Budget (Low Price RO motor)
  2. Life is approx. 2 to 5 years
  3. 1 Year Warranty


  1. Life of RO motor is less
  2. Off-site warranty available only
  3. Flow rate is decreasing after some years

Above are the best RO booster pump motors with price in India for Ro Water Purifier

Our Top picks RO motor according to customer review

We are recommending as number 1 RO motor as per customer reviews and specification and performance UWEK RO Booster Pump Motor 100 GPD (Input 24V) Check More Detail in Amazon


  1. Efficiency of this motor is very high , It has 24V DC motor with low noise and less vibration
  2. It contain self-suction technology
  3. No need of input water pressure , It can suck from up to 2 meter
  4. UWEK RO booster pump is compatible with all type brand of water purifier
  5. It is compatible with Kent Ro, Aquafresh RO, Aquaguard Ro, Saras Waterite RO, Wave RO and more

AquaDart 100 GPD RO Booster Pump is on number 2 as per customer reviews, feedback and performance wise Check More Detail in Amazon


  1. It operates in 24v DC with low noise and low vibrations
  2. It is suitable for all kind of Ro water purifier
  3. It is a booster pump and required 30 PSI of pressure
  4. Aquadart is 100 GPD motor with good performance

Ionix DP-100 RO Booster Pump 100 GPD is number 3 in our list as per Reviews, Feedback and performance Check More Detail in Amazon


  1. It contain 1 year offsite warranty
  2. It is 24 V DC operating RO motor
  3. Best in Low budget motor for ro water purifier
  4. Copper winding ro motor

Above RO motors are our Top picks as per performance wise, Customer feedback

The RO Booster pump price starting from INR 1000 to INR 3200

Amazon Recommended RO pump for ro water purifier is Pacific Technologies RO Booster Pump 100 GPD for Water PurifiersCheck More Detail in Amazon


We have done much research to get the detail of RO booster pump according to price, performance and reviews, hence Echen 75 and UWEK Ro pump is good to use

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