April 26, 2024

Best Domestic RO Membrane In India 2024

Now a days a RO membrane is basic requirement of every household to drink clean , pure and drinking water

SO we have introduced a Best RO Membrane for every household and save wealth by keeping your body healthy

Best ro Membrane List is depend on Raw Water TDS

How Many Layers in RO Membrane

RO Membrane comes with 11 Layer, 13 layer, 15 layer and 10 layer for domestic use

RO membrane working shell life is depend on Raw water TDS because every RO membrane made for according to water TDS

Top 5 Best RO membrane list in India

  1. Saras Water 80 GPD RO membrane – Work Upto 1000 Water TDS – Shell Life is up to 365 Days
  2. Saras Waterite 100 GPD RO Membrane – Work upto 2000 water TDS – Shell life is Up to 600 Days
  3. Reygh 80GPD RO membrane – Work up to 2500 Water TDS – Shell life is 700 Days
  4. Reygh 100 GPD RO membrane – Work up to 3000 Water TDS – Shell Life is 750 Days
  5. Zedtech 110 GPD ro Membrane – Work up to 4000 Water TDS – Shell life is 800 Days

Above are the best RO membrane list for India’s water

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