January 8, 2022 Top 5 Best Water Softener in India 2022 - Price - Guide - Features

Top 5 best water softener in india 2022 – reviews – price – features

All of are thinking about that hard water is just like a solid as like as ICE or any ROCK particle, But after a little research from chemistry we found that Hard water is not as HARD it’s a mixing of some minerals in water, Checkout and Read More to know more about Best Water Softener In India

Calcium and Magnesium are two main common Minerals which lead to hardness in water.

The question is how they enter it into water?

The answer is when the water passes from rocks through soil, some minerals and dust particles add or absorb in water and that water behaves like hard water, hard water is most commonly found where pollution is so much.

The abortion of minerals is directly proportional to hardness of water, A limited amount of minerals is added into water then that water is useful for us but the quantity of some minerals are added too much in water then it will lead to hard water.

How to Convert Hard Water to Soft Water?

As per research Calcium and Magnesium are main minerals which lead to increase Hardness, if both of the mineral will be remove from water it means the water convert it into soft water 

What is the process of Converting the Soft Water from Hard Water?

To replace hard water, it is necessary to remove calcium and magnesium from the water and this process is called water softening process.

NaCl is used in this process, so that the sodium and chloride formula inside the water attracts magnesium and calcium and it will remove magnesium and calcium from the water.

Difference Between in Soft Water and Hard Water

Soft water has less than 20 parts per million

Slightly hard water has 20 to 70 parts per million

Moderately hard water has 70 to 150 parts per million

Hard water has 150 to 200 parts per million‌

Very hard water has greater than 200 parts per million 

Soft Water:

  1. It contain less amount of minerals
  2. Soap is very effective to wash cloths and bathing
  3. Make lather from soap
  4. It Contain sodium ion
  5. Not preferred for drinking water if treated by water softener
  6. Very effective for skin and hair

Hard Water:

  1. It contain large amount of minerals
  2. Soap is not effective for washing cloths and bathing
  3. Less amount of lather is making
  4. It contain calcium and magnesium
  5. Not preferred for drinking water
  6. Not effective for Skin and Hair

Top 5 Best Water Softener in India 2022

  1. KENT Bathroom Water Softener 5.5-Litre,
  2. Ionix Treo Tank filtration system for Whole house water filtration system,
  3. WaterFirst Sia Model 1 Chlorine & Hard Water Filter,
  4. WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower and Tap Filter,
  5. Purifit Washing Machine Filter Protects from Hard Water & Lime scale

KENT Bathroom Water Softener 5.5-Litre

  1. Prevent hair Loss and skin rashes, Reduces Itchiness, Dryness
  2. It help to reduce consumption of soap and increase lather
  3. Reducing corrosion in pipelines and reduce scaling
  4. It’s a ion exchange process water softener
  5. Free installation done by brand and regeneration done by own
  6. Easy to do two step regeneration process


  • Installation done by Brand
  • Easy to get high lather from soap
  • Reduce skin rashes and dryness


  • Sometime engineer denied to do installation
  • Again and again regeneration

Ionix Treo Tank filtration system for Whole house water filtration system

  2. This is a 3 Stage filter with 3 type of filtrations , Sediment filter using Bag filter , Scale removal using Anti scaling Filter & Water treatment using Carbon block filters
  3. The filtration set comes in 1.5 inches inlet outlet but could be connected to any 0.5 inches to 2 inches pipe line using reducers
  4. Any plumber should be able to do installation , All installation accessories for product including 2 Filtrations sets , 1 Mounting plate , 1 Hex connector for bowl interconnection , 2 Inlet / Outlet connectors are included , Spanner / Wrench is also included in the package , 1 Piece Jumbo CTO carbon Block , Both filters are loaded to housings before it reaches your house


  • Any local plumber can install it
  • Best quality filter are using
  • Low maintenance


  • Warranty not included

WaterFirst Sia Model 1 Chlorine & Hard Water Filter

  1. Reduces hair-loss, repairs hair, protects skin, balances pH, Remove Chlorine,
  2. Remove Bad smell, And Impurities
  3. The natural way Unique 5-layer filtering system for chlorine and hard water salts
  4. Reduces hair-loss, repairs hair, protects skin, balances pH


  • No need of plumber for installation
  • Easy maintenance


  • No warranty

WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower and Tap Filter Water Softener

  1. HARD WATER RUINING YOUR HAIR & SKIN? WaterScience CLEO shower & tap filter purifies and conditions your water to reduce the effects of hardness and other impurities. Made with KDF technology which effectively removes hardness, heavy metals & controls microorganisms. Your daily shower experience just got a whole lot cleaner!
  2. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Can be used on standard taps, wall showers & hand showers measuring 22mm, 24mm & 28mm. Use the connectors for an easy setup. Works on heater and geysers too, for hot water up to 60 Degrees. Recommended for municipal/metro water with TDS levels up to 1800 PPM and total hardness up to 550 PPM
  3. NO PLUMBER NEEDED: Use the installation kit along with the instruction manual to setup the shower tap in no time. The replaceable cartridge (SFC-UW 100) comes with a long cartridge life of 25,000 liters or up to 6 months depending on usage and water quality. Use a low to medium flow rate for best results. Replacement cartridges are available on Amazon
  4. BOX CONTENTS: 1 Shower & Tap Filter with Replaceable Cartridge, 1 set of aerator adaptors with 22mm ,24mm and 28 mm connectors, 1 Installation Kit, Warranty Card
  5. DOES NOT REDUCE TDS: Our water filters only remove hardness and other impurities. TDS or total dissolved solids cannot be removed by our water filters
  6. CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS: KDF Technology, Member of the Global Water Quality Association and Indian Water Quality Association, NSF Certified Ingredients and a maximum rating of 3 Star by the IAPMO


  • No plumber required for installation
  • 5 Years Life without maintenance
  • 60 Days refund policy if not satisfied


  • Only 6 month warranty included

Purifit Washing Machine Filter Protects from Hard Water & Lime scale

  1. Purift washing filter protects your washing machine, just like how a water purifier protects you from harmful chemicals. Purifit secures your washing machine from lime scales caused by hard-water and other impurities using high grade polyphosphate crystals. Note: These crystals are in broken form instead of round form to increase its efficiency.
  2. Have you’re ever felt that your dress looks dull and the fabric has lost its shininess after washing it in your washing machine. Not anymore, our filter reduces the effect of lime scales on your dresses. Thus retaining its color and softness! Note: Purifit washing machine filter doesn’t reduce Iron content in water.
  3. Prevention is better than cure!! A typical service/repair of your washing machine cost you, maybe more than that. Invest in protective measures. Experts suggest that water quality worsens day by day!!
  4. Purifit fits automatic washing machines. Easy to install; No tools required. Installation video link given in user manual. Long cartridge life; Top load: Up to 6 months; Front Load: Up to 9 months
  5. Package Content: 1 Washing filter, 2 silicon rings and 1 Teflon tape; Color: Blue; Material: Plastic


  • No need of installation


  • Using for washing cloths only

Above are the Best Water Softener in India 2022, All the product are researched by our team and get a feedback from consumer than we recommend the above models


For the Skin related, washing clothes, make more lather than Water softener is good to use and make our health, skin and cloths better, now we are conclude the topic of Best Water Softener in India 2022, For any query you may comment below

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