KENT Bathroom Water Softener 5.5-Litre, Converts Hard Water into Soft for Healthier Skin & Hair | Increases life of Geyser | Free Installation | Simple 2 Step Regeneration Process


  • Converts hard water to soft water that prevents sticky hair after washing & hair loss, prevents dry & itchy skin after bathing and makes your skin glow
  • It is easy to install and operate
  • Does not require any electric connections or pressurized water for operation
  • Soft water produces more lather, and reduces soap and water consumption
  • Easy 2-step regeneration process does not require any technician or special salts
  • Prevents scaling and corrosion on your bathroom fittings and appliances
  • Compact design lets you place the softener even in small spaces
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty. Terms & Conditions apply
  • Includes: Water Softener, 2.5 Meters Plastic White Pipe (1/4 inch for drain), 2 3-Way Valve, 4 Screw, Plastic Inserts, Inlet Pipe (1/2 inch), Outlet Pipe (1/2 inch), Center Drill Sticker and User Guide

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Featuring KENT Bathroom Water Softener for converting hard water into soft in your bathrooms.

Hard water has a very high degree of magnesium and calcium which creates a host of problems for us like less lather formation, extra consumption of soaps & shampoos, salts deposits on bathroom appliances & marble floors, and scaling in shower.

To avoid this, bring home KENT Bathroom Water Softener. Ideal for individual bathrooms & especially suitable for multistory buildings where water is supplied through different heads.

Prevents Hair Loss and Reduces Itchiness & Dryness on Skin: Magnesium and calcium ions in the water create a host of problems like brittle hair and harsh skin which eventually leads to sticky hair, hair fall, and dry & itchy skin after bathing. With KENT Bathroom Softener, embrace the benefits of soft water that helps you to glow with healthy skin and gorgeous hair that shines.

Reduces the Consumption of Soap and Shampoo: Softened water produces more lather. This way, this water softener efficiently reduces the consumption of soap and shampoo to be used.

Reduces Scaling & Corrosion in Appliances: The softened water reduces corrosion on appliances like geyser and increases the life of its internal parts. Also, it prevents scaling and corrosion on bathroom fittings and marble floors.

Efficient Ion-Exchange Process: This water softener comes with an efficient ion exchange process. The process reduces hardness in water by exchanging magnesium and calcium in water with sodium and potassium.

Installation & Regeneration: To reduce hardness of water, this water softener uses a non-electric process with simple 2-step regeneration along with separate salt chamber. The users themselves can easily execute the process just by adding 880 grams of table salt in brine chamber and filling it with water. With a high 5.50 litres resin volume, it requires regeneration after 1500 litres of water usage (if the TDS level is 500 ppm and Water Hardness is 200 ppm) and can be done by any individual at home.

Two-Step Regeneration Process: KENT Bathroom Water Softener uses a 2 step regeneration process. The process can be easily executed by the users making it extremely convenient.

Specifications of Kent Bathroom Softener

  • Product Name

    KENT Bathroom Water Softener

  • Resin Volume

    5.5 L

  • Water Softened Before Regeneration

    1200 L (Water TDS 500 ppm)

  • Dimensions(mm)

    380 (L) x 220 (W) x 890 (H)

  • Product Code


  • Ideal place for installation

    For flats & individual bathrooms

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Above all are the product information of Kent bathroom softener with features, Specification, and how to use this product comes in top 5 best Water Softener in India 2021, Now we conclude the topic of Kent Bathroom Water Softener 

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