Kent Gold Spare Kit For Optima , Kent Gold Star & Kent Gold Plus


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It Contains: 

  • For gold, gold+, kool, star and Gold optima models
  • 1 UF membrane + 1 activated carbon pack + 1 sediment filters
  • Membrane life: 4000L
  • Best for Low TDS (hardness) of Water
  • For Domestic home use only
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Water Purifier spare kit are useful for Kent gold, Kent gold star, Optima, and more

Now Kent Gold kit water purifier with UF membrane is recommended for all gravity type models

Color White
Feature For Kent  gold Plus
Feature Kent Gold Optima
Feature Kent gold kool
Feature Kent star and optima models
Contain 1 UF membrane + 1 activated carbon pack + 1 sediment filters
Membrane life 4000L

Kent gold kit and optima water purifier spare parts kit with membrane helps to remove Bacteria, Odors, Smell and Sand

and filter life is around 4000 liter


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Kent RO




Gravity Based

8 reviews for Kent Gold Spare Kit For Optima , Kent Gold Star & Kent Gold Plus

  1. jhanvi

    affordable price and Quality.

  2. nisha ojha

    very Good Product.

  3. ram kumar

    It was an easy job . initially 3-4 litres of water gets black, presumably due to fresh charcoal being washed and this has to be thrown out. After this, water was clean and normal. This was my first replacement after 15 months and everything went well . The information that is not provided:
    1. What is the life cycle of components ? [ in litres of water / approx time ]
    2. How would the user know, that time has come for replacement ?
    3. Kent should make sure filter components are genuine and no spurious components are sold in same packing. After all, it’s drinking water and concerns health.
    Answers to points 1, 2 should be published openly for everyone’s knowledge.

  4. avdhesh

    original product kent membrane , nice gold kit spare good water filter

  5. promilla

    very good product fully genuine product just go for it and the water discharging speed is too good nice thank you gobuyro for keeping the value of my trust..

  6. Surendra

    Good sealed product. Product works fine. But defies logic. Each box contains 1 pack carbon, 1 pack UF filter cartridge and some sedimentation filter paper. Now as per the company instructions we have to change carbon once in 3 months and UF once in 6 months or something like that. The point is by the time you need to change UF cartridge you have to change carbon twice. So why not have two packs of carbon and one UF cartridge in one pack?

  7. Rinku sharma

    Good product

  8. Avashesh

    Genuine kent gold kit

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